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Owner and Member Terri Lynn has spent much of her 30+ years in retail sales and warehousing. After being foreced into early retirment Terri was not able to just sit still. So she created, a Web Hosting, Site Design and Software Programming Company. is the domain name used for Terri Lynn I, LLC, a registred business with the State in Molalla Oregon. TerriOne developent and technical operations are located in Garibaldi/Tillamook Oregon.

We offer a variaty of services in the world of Information Technology. Here is what we have to offer and what we can do for your business:

  • - Web Hosting
  • - Web Design
  • - Database Management
  • - Custom Web Based Software Solutions
  • - Shopping Cart Site Solutions
  • - Secure Credit Card Processing
  • - PayPal to Site install and configurations


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Senior Software Engineer - Robert is a senior software programmer of 18 years with an applied science degree in IBM AS/400 Computer Programming. He graduated from KCC(Kirkwood Community College) in Cedar Rapids Iowa in the Spring of Y2K(2000). He was been working with IBM, Windows and Linux operating systems for well over 18 years now.

His skills and mastery of these platforms has made his experience invaluable. Robert is also experienced in cryptography and specialized security algorithms for data encryption services.

In his 18 year carrer he has worked for companies such as IBM in Rochester Minnesota in Languages and Utilities. Minnesota Corn Processors in Marshall Minnesota in EDI Rail Car Shipments and Corporate Graphics International in Mankato Minnesota working with Shipping Logistics.

In 2007 he became the first IBM'er to integrate UPS Progistics ConnectShip to be used with all the major carriers; FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS. After this integration this dynamic system between the IBM AS/400 and Windows Server was the first system to use all the carriers for shipments domestically and internationally to over 270 countries around the world.

Without a doubt, this was a great achievement in his career.

Robert is Terri Lynn I, LLC's Senior Software Engineer. His responsibilites are to maintain the site's and servers and any client software development web sites.

During Robert's free time when he is not managing servers or doing software development he enjoys the many wonderful thing's to do living a Coastal Life. He enjoy's surfing, fishing, hiking, swimming, camping, photography and astronomy. He loves to be on the many beach's that the Oregon Coast has to offer. The ocean and beach life runs deep in his blood.